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Zuko — Still Awkward 70 Years Later

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Zuko is still a huge dork

Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Thursday, September 12, 2013


FINISHED!!!!! :)))
I just had to make this comic to let out all my Korrlok feels before the Book 2 premiere.

Go here to see the pages enlarged!

This Korrlok comic is set in an AU where Korra and Tarrlok were childhood friends and it’s about Tarrlok’s struggles to become the hero he’s always wanted to be so he can catch up to Korra and finally be good enough for her. But Korra’s always one step ahead of him and it kills him to forever live in the shadow of his best friend.

It’s basically the same thing as what happened in canon but I wanted to show the theme that two people can have very similar origins but completely different end results.
I want an AU of this AU where Korra and Tarrlok end up together :’( im freakin weird I know

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Actually, if I was Amon, I’d invest some time in encouraging the feud between Korra and Tarrlok.

I’d send Tarrlok little notes saying things like, ‘what’s the difference between Councilman Tarrlok and Water Tribe cuisine? One’s cold and greasy, the other is actually appreciated at the dinner table’ and sign them ‘THE AVATAR’.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

it will be just like the good old days


it will be just like the good old days

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Korra: What the Bending Arts should have been


One of the lesser things which has disappointed me in this series has been abandoning the traditional arts movements for the bending.  Aside from the airbending training episode, there’s been no differentiation in the arts and the movements anymore.  (In fact, they’ve gotten lazy enough to where half the bending involves no movement at all, which is EXTRA bullshit).  

And some folks have noticed that Korra’s movements always work the same regardless of what she’s bending.  And of course, the excuse is that Korra is “in your face” but the fact is, her forms should still be different from element to element.  And it’s not like there isn’t traditional Chinese martial arts that would have worked…


Tai Chi was the souce for waterbending.  And most people think of the fluid movements of tai chi as a gentle thing.  But tai chi is full of brutal hip throws and shoulder checks - full body slams designed to knock someone down.   Take a look at this video of push hands and tell me Korra, who grew up PLAYING AROUND WITH NAGA, wouldn’t be throwing people (or massive amounts of water or ice) around like this?  Here’s a video of some of the aggressive entry/strikes of one style of tai chi - again, things they could have pulled from. 


Firebending is sourced from Northern Shaolin.  Now look at Southern Crane Style and imagine Korra Firebending with these movements.  In actuality, Crane gets combined with a lot of Shaolin forms in the Southern styles because it does mix well and provides a different set of angled movements that complement them.


Hung Gar is where the Earthbending comes from (except Toph, she gets Mantis style!).  Hung Gar is pretty aggressive as it is, but looking at this style of Tiger Fist, you can see some pretty aggressive Earth-bender type movements that would work well and being a little more straight line even in the attacks, something Korra kinda does.


Bagua/Pakua was the source for airbending.  Bagua is known for it’s circular stepping and evasive movements.  But many of it’s practitioners also study Xing Yi Fist - a very aggressive and forward moving style which is also considered an internal style - instead of outward spirals, it keeps all of it’s twisting to small movements within the hips, shoulders and arms to produce a forward drilling effect.   If you watch the linked video, that’s pretty much Korra right there- in your face, pushing you back kind of movement.

This would have been really cool to see.

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Water is the element of change.

Water is the element of change.

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